Friday, February 6, 2009

What's The Most Romantic Story You've Ever Experienced?

Since my Valentine Giveaway kicked-off yesterday, I thought it appropriate to talk Romance today.

So, I'm curious, what is the most romantic story you've ever experienced? I say experience because it could be one that happened in real-life, one that you've read, or one that you've seen on T.V. or the big screen. But for it to be awarded the "MOST ROMANTIC" in your opinion, it must have been experienced. Right?

Thinking of such things is great fodder for writers, especially romance writers. I've got a few picks that come to the top of my mind, each for a different reason.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (Book and Movie Versions) for the tortured soul aspect, and because Darcy needs Elizabeth, and vise-versa!

The Story of Us (A movie starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Bruce Willis) for the "reality" factor, and that I totally believe growing old together is the absolute greatest gift God can give a couple.


The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks (Book and Movie) for young love surviving and prevailing, and the "growing old together" factor, of course.

I would love to hear what comes to your mind? And remember, if you want to be entered to win the couples devotional: Devotions for a Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas, leave your e-mail addy and "Valentine's Draw" within your comment.




Jessica Nelson said...

Hmm, I actually did like the movie by Nicholas Sparks called..."something" to remember? Eek! I can't remember the name. Oh well.
I also liked Last of the Mohicans for the whole "I will find you. No matter what happens, I will find you!"
Very romantic. :-)

Eileen Astels Watson said...

Was it A Walk to Remember? I've read most of his earlier books and I believe that was one of them. The heroine dies of cancer. She's a pastor's daughter.

I rented GhostTown and found it very interesting. I'll to find Mohicans--haven't seen it yet.

Jessica Nelson said...

Mohicans is really old. I doubt you'll find it most stores.
Yes! A Walk to Remember! Well, it was romantic until I realized she died.

Sherrinda Ketchersid said...

Return to Me, with Minnie Driver is one of my favorite romantic movies ever. Love lost, finding new love...only with a twist!

Eileen, thanks for your kind words on my blog. I did sign up for ACFWBOOKCLUB and it has been superb for finding new authors and chances to win books!

I love your blog and have subscribed to it in my reader...kept up the good work!