Monday, February 9, 2009


Having heard about this new release through a couple of blogs, I visited Rogers Video and picked up a copy to see what all the hype was.


Okay, I totally agree that some of the acting (from some of the volunteer supporting actors) could have used further coaching/training, but the story IS amazing, regardless! And with a second pass through the acting follies seemed far less intrusive. The main character played by Kirk Cameron, best known for playing Mike Seaver on Growing Pains does a great job as Caleb Holt, the fire captain with a need for an awakening on the home front. An awakening he gets when he agrees to carry out a 40-day Love Dare that his father sends him to be completed before filing for divorce.

Okay, I'm in no way pondering divorce from my dear hubby, but after seeing this movie and hearing about this challenge, I want to take the 40-day Love Dare. Not only for the enrichment it can provide our marriage, but for the spiritual growth I'm sure it will bolster. What an amazing concept!

As an aside here, I have to tell you about something that happened at church yesterday. Yes, I do believe it may be related to the impact that Fireproof had on my dear hubby the night before.

Setting the scene: Phil and I most often sit up in the balcony of our small country church for Sunday service, mainly because we often arrive late (we much prefer the original start time and seem to be sticking with it despite the ramifications), and as a bonus of sitting upstairs, the pastor never picks on anyone sitting way back and up there when she takes a notion to include unsuspecting members in her sermon. A huge bonus for me.

Well, yesterday, our pastor barely warned that she was going to pick on a few people by asking them directly what they were passionate about. Of course, me feeling confident that I was very safe sitting up there in the balcony didn't concern myself with being pinned with the question to share aloud. I just automatically thought justice/fairness/equality, the usual things that stir my ire if I see an unbalance anywhere.

But after the picking was done, and yes, the balcony was safe once again, doesn't my wonderful hubby turn to me and say: "If asked, I was going to say Eileen."

Now I can't say for certain if that wonderful gesture by my amazing hubby was a) due to watching Fireproof with me the night before and he gleamed something valuable from it, too, b) the honest truth, with or without watching the movie, or c) his way of trying to provide a funny for the congregation that Sunday morning. Though I suspect it was a mixture of all three, c) probably rated the highest, but it certainly made me think once more of the impact watching Fireproof had on me, and yet my first response to Ellie's question wasn't "Phil", so now more than ever, I do believe I need to take the Love Dare Challenge.

What about you? Are you interested in it?

Here's a link to learn more about the movie and the 40-day Love Dare. (Just click on those previous bolded words for the link) Once in the link, click on the available trailers of the movie. I laughed and laughed at the second trailer available. It's called Fireproof in 60, and fast forwards through the movie with some major tweaking to give you the just of the story in 60 seconds, but man it comes off way too comical for how serious and emotional the actual movie is. But great for a good laugh. Also, visit for more information on the movie and Love Dare concept.



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Georgiana Daniels said...

I agree--sooo glad we watched the movie. It touched our whole family. Cute that your husband thought of you first =)