Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ACFW Genesis Contest Anyone?

Hello, All:

It's been awhile since hanging out in blogosphere. How you regulars continue so faithfully boggles my mind, but I'm so glad many of you do find the time and energy for it still!

I've been diligently working on spiffing up my entry for the Genesis contest this year. Since joining ACFW, I think that was about seven years ago, last year was the first year that I can remember sitting out. I don't want that to become a trend, so I'm definitely entering one this year. And I'm praying for some very helpful critiques to come to me from the wonderful judges ACFW attracts.

I too will be a judge, I hope, this year. At least I sent my reply in as to which categories I would be willing to work on this year. Sadly, I had to opt out of my most favourite category of all, Contemporary Romance, since I'll be entering a piece into it. But I'm sure that I'll be enjoying the reads of whatever category entries come my way in March, as I did last year, too. ACFW has an amazing group of talented writers and I so look forward to being a fair, and hopefully helpful judge once more.

So, how many of you are entering, or have entered already this year? What would you consider to be the most helpful information to receive from a first round judge on your entries?

Surrendering to Him,