Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First Day of Lent

Our lives are really in God's hands...

That's the theme of our Church's At-Home Lent resource guide for 2009. What a great feeling to know that my writing, along with every other aspect of my life, is in God's most capable hands.

But what a burden it is, too.

It means I have responsibilities to carry out His requests of me. I'll be the first to admit that I fail God more than I please. How fortunate for me that the season of Lent gives an opportunity to please our Heavenly Father forty times over.

Have you picked something to sacrifice for Lent? Something that will help you draw closer to God during the next forty days of Lent? Perhaps you've given up watching a t.v. show to spend time studying your Bible or to read a book that helps define God's truth. Have you decided to give up a certain food and instead donate it to a local food drive for the next forty days? Making your sacrifice someone elses gain.

Is there, perhaps, something writing related that you are lifting to the Lord during this time of Lent?

Whatever you plan to do for God during this time, may God be pleased, and may you find a closer walk with Him in carrying out your plan.



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