Friday, March 12, 2010

Should Church "Stuff" Make You Sad when you're embarrassed and disheartened by leaders' actions?

In my case, I'm thinking it's causing a mix of emotions in me.

It's sad knowing how much pain certain leaders caused an individual volunteer in our Church, whether they realize it or not. But it's also very revealing. I learned something well worth learning.

Defensiveness is ugly, and while I can see instances where it may be a result of standing up for what you believe is right, it is far more likely to be a result of standing up for what you want.

Two very different things.

So, the next time I feel defensiveness rearing it's ugly head in me, I pray that I'll be able to take a deep "Prayer" breath. Seek council from God above, and stand up for what He has laid on my heart in a self-controlled, non-degrading, non-alienating way to others.

Truth breeds respect and healthy debate. Want too often breeds ugliness.

I have a feeling God is using my Church to teach me that strength in me should only come through Him. And His strength doesn't gang up, but calmly reveals truth.

Surrendering to Him,

(P.S. Comments are off during my intermittent time of blogging. I'm visiting a few blogs each day, not always commenting, but loving the reads! Thanks for keeping me informed through your cyber pad, and blessings prayed for you all.)

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