Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm Looking Forward To...

Hi, All:

As the ACFW Genesis writing contest draws near to deadline, I'm getting excited about being a first-round judge this year. I was so pleased to receive an invitation to help out in this way a couple months back, and now that it's coming closer to fulfilling the job, my anticipation is building.

I've started praying already for this endeavor ahead. I'm praying that I'll pace the entries out, leaving enough time to take a second look before sending back. I'm praying that I'll be like one of those judges that I appreciated so much for commenting so freely and offering craft references where applicable.

Through the three years that I submitted I had my share of dud judges who just wrote scores down and made no comments within the document and just one-liners in the comment section for the sake of not sending back a blank comment page--not fun! Useless, really! So I know I don't want to be like them, time crunched and feeling like the whole process is a burden, rather than an opportunity to share what I've learned through the years about this awesome craft of fiction writing.

I want to be helpful to those who submitted, not lazy and disinterested. I want to offer praise for wonderful prose, constructive criticism where something falls flat, guidance and suggestions where they may be needed. I want to be one of those crazy wonderful commenter type judges who takes the time of day to pass along what little I've learned.

So, I think I need to prime myself for this task ahead. Starting tonight I'm digging open some of my favorite craft books for another absorption...not only for the entrants, but for me too. May the learning begin all over again!

If I have time, I'll blog on what strikes me this time around in study mode. Fun, fun, fun!

Surrendering to Him,


(P.S. Comments are off during my intermittent time of blogging. I'm visiting a few blogs each day, not always commenting, but loving the reads! Thanks for keeping me informed through your cyber pad, and blessings prayed for you all.)

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