Monday, March 1, 2010

On Again, Off Again...

That's me lately.

My intermittent attendance here in cyber world is due partly to my massive house clean-out in prep for renovations, horsey life, and as a result of those two, my sabbatical from down-and-dirty writing. I have no idea how long this will go on for, so I'll pop myself into cyber world whenever I get a chance (like when I'm actually forcing myself to use the treadmill as I should be doing daily, and am doing now), but since I know it won't be as often as I'd like I've decided to turn off comments on my blog during this on again, off again time.

If you're like me, you often feel obligated to leave a comment when reading a fellow blogger's posts, so by turning that option off, I'm hoping to save you all time to be doing what you desperately would like to be doing--WRITING! My email address is available in my profile if you really want to get hold of me and don't already have it in your contacts list. I'd love to hear from you all from time to time. And I do plan to keep in touch via your blogs as the opportunity arises. I won't always leave a comment, but definitely will sometimes as I keep up on your life and writing (if writing is what you blog about).

So until my down-and-dirty writing sabbatical is over, I hope you'll enjoy the diverse posts I come with when I come up with them, and I hope you all write like crazy so that great books will be published soon for me to devour!

Blessings prayed for you all, and I look forward to visiting your blogs as I walk off the winter pounds I've gained.

Surrendering to Him,


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