Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcome 2009!

First, let me say it's great to be back to writing and doing writerly things, and I pray that 2009 brings us all opportunities to grow and discover a closer relationship with our marvelous Creator.

I've been offline these past couple weeks, as I can't write but in silence and with complete concentration, so instead, I enjoyed a couple of uninterrupted amazingly wonderful weeks interacting with my family. I'm glad God made me the way I am when it comes to writing, because then I can take these breaks without guilt. Knowing without a morsel of doubt that I'm doing what God intended me to do at that moment in time--being engrossed in family!

Not all writers have that privilege, unfortunately.

And so they struggle tirelessly trying to balance time with their loved ones and fulfilling their call to write. My prayer for those writers is that God would ring a single chime in their ear when they're to put writing aside and concentrate on the miracles of life all around them, then produce a louder, unavoidable double chime when He's calling you back to the writerly stuff. I say "louder, unavoidable" because time with family and loved ones can get pretty chaotic and/or boisterously fun at times, and you may not be able to hear those chimes otherwise.

So, are we all resolutioned out?

If you've set some resolutions for 2009 I'd love to hear, or perhaps, read of them. As for me, I have a single resolution that I believe is huge.

To be God-Centered more completely, rather than letting the state of being Situation-Centered claim my actions and words.

Stay tuned for more on this in my next post later this week.

Happy New Year Everyone!




Georgiana Daniels said...

Happy New Year, Eileen!

No resolutions here, oddly enough. Hoping to follow God's leading closely enough that it falls into place???

Jessica Nelson said...

Sounds like a good one to me. :-) Glad you're back online! You're right. Our lives are filled with blessings and sometimes we don't pay them enough attention. Glad you had a blessed holiday1