Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Writing an Experience

Don't you just love it when you read a scene and it feels like you're actually living it real-time as each word unfolds before your eyes? It's like you get to be a little fly on the wall that has access to the characters' thoughts as well.

Now that's experiencing the read!

Sadly, I discovered that far too many of my scenes don't play out like an experience. Why? Because I make the mistake of including passive writing. Even if I only slip a line or two in the whole scene that alerts the reader that what's happening isn't in the here and now, but rather a recollection, then I've taken them out of experiencing the scene for themselves. It's a form of author intrusion, in my mind, and it diminishes a scene that could otherwise provide an amazing experience for the reader.

Considering this, my writing tip for the day is: Wherever possible, stay in the present tense consistently for scenes that you want the reader to experience!



16 days left in this year until the main celebration our Saviour's birth.
Merry Christmas to all!!


Jessica Nelson said...

That's an interesting tip. I'll have to remember it. Another thing is not getting into deep POV. I think I may be guilty of that, but LOL, you can tell me whenever you read my manuscript. :-)

kalea_kane said...

Very wonderful advice! :) I will try to keep this in mind. :)