Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A New Story, Therefore, New Goals!

Nothing seems to be going right for my Olive Series, at least not in my head, so I've started a new stand-alone story.

It's a little scary as I am writing in my usual seat-of-the-pants style and depending on my characters (with God's guidance, of course) to tell me what their story is as I work the keys on my laptop. I, of course, know the hero and heroine, the main conflict (And it's a good one I think. Something realistic, but not often used in an Inspirational Romance.), and the spiritual growth thread I want to incorporate is clear to me. So I'm off to a good start.

With a romance, the beginning and end are for the most part a given. Beginning: Have the hero and heroine meet in some interesting scene. End: Always a Happily Ever After, or it wouldn't be a true romance story. It's the middle that can cause romance writers to wish they had never started the piece to begin with. Thankfully, I'm still in the beginning phase, so I shouldn't have too much trouble clicking in a thousand words a day for a week or so yet.

I've decided that after years of studying this craft, and writing stories in what I call my Olive Series, that it's time I set a goal of submitting a manuscript to agents and editors. I haven't done that since the first year I took on this writing endeavor, and that was in my great naivety when I didn't realize how very much I still needed to learn. Actually, I'll always have oodles to learn when it comes to writing, but if I never submit, will I ever find out if I'm getting closer to creating publishable stories?

Not likely.

So, here is my goal, set in print. Since it often takes several months to hear back from agents and editors (for those houses that accept unagented work) I intend to submit one of my stories (likely this new one, since I can't seem to do right by any of my Olive Stories) by June 30, 2009 at the latest. That should give me enough time to write the story, run it through my critique group, and create a proposal to go with it. I'm cloaking this goal in prayer starting now.

At some point I'll find a widget that tracks word count and add it to this blog so that my writing progress for The Unlikely One is visible for all to see. It'll help me stay accountable, too, I hope.

What do you think? Am I making a wise goal? If you think not, please don't burst my bubble. I need this goal to jump start a more positive writing experience, and I need it now. Really, I do!

Blessings to all, and may your writing experiences be joyous ones, too.


71 days to reflect and celebrate our Saviour's birth.


Georgiana Daniels said...

You've set a totally realistic goal! Starting a new story can be so energizing =)

Pamela J said...

I think it is a great idea to start a new story. I work better when I have set a goal. Something about the challenge to reach it by the allotted time. If I were to not set goals, I'd not get anything done most of the time. GO FOR IT!
Pam Williams