Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Raising Questions

Yesterday we talked about using a surprise to hook your reader. Another way to grab your reader's attention is to invoke questions through your writing early on. Be sure to leave the question(s) unanswered for a while, too. At least until you've raised another one or two to keep the story moving forward at a steady pace.

The goal is to get the reader contemplating about what's going to happen, or what has happened to put the character in his/her present state, or raise a why this or why that type of question. You want your reader to want to know more, and to do that you need to get them wondering about this or that. Any type of question that you can spark will go a long way in keeping your audience reading to find out the answer.

Curiosity draws readers in, so be sure to give them something to be curious about in your opening paragraphs.



58 days left to reflect and celebrate our Saviour's birth.

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