Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October's Love Inspired Releases

I arrived in Guelph a half hour early yesterday to pick my little Tucker up from the Ontario Veterinary Clinic. He had "the hardware" removed from his right elbow on Monday. Another successful surgery for our little ten-month old yorkie-poo. Praise God.

In my excitement to go pick him up though, I forgot to grab my nightstand book, and since I was early without something to read, I decided I'd stop at the nearby Zellers and see if the new October Love Inspired releases were shelved a day early. They were. And to my great surprise, two of the four stories depict a beautiful Christmas/winter scene on their cover. I guess I'm not too early to start the countdown after all. There are others like me out there. Yahoo!

Aren't the covers of this months releases gorgeous? I can't wait to devour the stories. Usually I restrain myself and choose two or three of the four available titles each month, but as I read the back cover blurbs, I decided I needed to enjoy all of these stories this month.

Happy reading, everyone.



85 days to reflect and celebrate our Saviour's birth.


kalea_kane said...

Those covers ARE beautiful! I would have a hard time picking just one. :)

Eileen Astels Watson said...

I know. I love them too. The Love Inspired line has the best cover artists out of all the Harlequin lines, I think. And if they do more than one line, then they're saving their best for this one!

IMHO sometimes the human pics don't go with the characters, though. But for the most part, they're on target!