Friday, April 4, 2008

My First Official Writing Blog Contest -- April 2008

I've ordered several copies of the newly published Daily Devotions for Writers. This is a 365-day inspirational book which includes stories, daily verses, and daily prayers from exactly 200 writers nationwide.

I am one of the many contributers of this book's daily devotions. How fitting that my entry is actually in the April selection, too. Fits nicely with my first writer's blog contest in which I will give away two of these books to the lucky winners of my two drawings. The early bird draw will take place on April 20th, as that is where my entry is in the book, and then the final draw for April's contest will be made on the last day of the month. For each comment left during the month of April, a ballot will be put into the drawing.

If, by chance, I don't actually receive my order by April 20th, I promise to send it out as soon as the shipment does arrive. *** They've arrived, so no extra wait is required!

It is my hope and prayer that this collection of devotions will give a pick-me-up to all Christian writers, and if it should be opened by a non-Christian writer, may it lead the way to discovering Him.

Many thanks to Patricia Lorenz and the team from The Writing Academy for seeing this project to fruition. I'm excitedly awaiting the arrival of mine and the daily inspiration it will provide for years to come.



*** P.S. I just received my copies today. So there will be no need for waiting, after all. It's a beautiful book and the devotions I've scanned so far really are inspiring. Here is the back cover blurb: "This book provides 366 true stories about the highs, lows, struggles, and joys of writing. This daily pick-me-up is a must-have for those who write professionally, for themselves, or for their families. The page-a-day readings include a short prayer and an inspirational quote. Daily Devotions for Writers takes you by the hand every day and shares real-life experiences to keep you writing. This friendly guide makes a perfect gift for yourself--or any writer in your life!"
This P.S. was added on April 16, 2008.


Dona Watson said...

Nice blog site. This sounds like an interesting book. Please enter me in your contest. Thanks.


Susan Stitch said...

Great contest! I don't write romance, but this book looks like it's a general devotion for all writers. Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks for sharing!


Michelle R said...


You are braver than I am. I haven't ventured into doing contests on my blog yet. To show off your bravery I've posted your contest with a link to your blog on my blog. I'm anxious to hear about how it all goes.

Have a blessed night,

Stacey said...

Please add my name for the drawing. This sounds like a wonderful book. I write Bible studies, currently, and can always use some fresh inspiration. Thanks.