Friday, April 25, 2008

Four-legged Writing Buddies and a New word

I have several four-legged writing buddies in my home. Two are of the canine persuasion and the other is our sixteen-year-old feline companion, Columbo, who we adopted from the Humane Society way back when he was just a kitten.

Our black lab, Tippy, is nearing her forth birthday and our little yorky poo, Tucker, and all his five pounds match the number of months old he is. We just adopted him in February and he loves to keep both Tippy and Columbo on edge. But, honestly, I think they're really enjoying our newest addition to the family. The house is certainly more lively with the pitter-patter of 90 lbs verses 5 lbs, or 14 lbs for Columbo, prancing around and jostling in their natural mode of play. Tucker and Columbo get into some amazing boxing fights and bless his heart, Columbo does keep his claws contained. Tug of war is the mode of fun for Tippy and Tucker, which often finds Tucker soaring across a room only to shake off the shock and return for more fun.

These three writing buddies keep me company during my creative time and they sometimes provide inspiration for scenes, too. Besides that, they often instigate much needed breaks for my eyes from the keyboard by way of play that draws my attention, required outdoor bathroom breaks, or as you can see in this one photo, tromping across my desk to get some undivided attention also does the trick. It's never lonely in a home with pets and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I added this campfire picture to remind me that we had our first campfire of the season last Saturday. Our youngest and I are roasting hot dogs and quickie pot pies in this picture, while Tippy makes sure her presence is known for sampling time. See her licking her lips!

Musings done, now it's time for Vocabulary Enrichment. What will the word of the week be today?

Okay, I found one, and it's related to one of the senses. You know how you see aroma, smell, scent, odour, as triggers to the sense of smell in many novels. Well, here is another word to add to that list.

Olfactory (ol-FAK-tuh-ree): of or relating to the sense of smell.

An example sentence, courtesy of Michelle Bevillacqua is:

For me, walking past the bakery every morning on the way to school was an OLFACTORY delight.

Let's see what sentences you can come up using the new word of the week, olfactory. Looking forward to reading them.




Patti Lacy said...

Hey! So great to see some pix of your family, both human and feline and canine.
Your blog keeps getting better and better.
Love ya!

Patti Lacy said...

I finally figured out how to do this earlier this week!