Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Writer's Space Indoors and Out!

I posed a question to the ACFW loop a couple days ago regarding a writer's personal writing space. I asked for suggestions of how I should set up my 10' X 14' basement room to be both functional and creatively inspiring. Wow, what a great bunch of writers ACFW has. The suggestions and stories shared were very inspiring.

A common theme that I found in the sharing was that a lot of writers love to view the outdoors from their writing nook. But since I won't have that advantage, being stuck in the basement, I decided to bring a little of the outdoors inside my little room. Since I have no natural light, transplanting my many housplants that live upstairs down to my writer's space won't work, so I purchased the above pictured Silk tree with a greenery arrangement in the base for my room. (Sorry, the tree is so tall that I cut the top off in taking the picture. It's just shy of reaching the ceiling.) And I picked up a Rain Garden scented Air Wick for the room as well, to bring that delightful floral aroma into my space. Hmmm, as I take a deep breath in, it's just like sitting next to an open window when my flowers are actually in bloom that is. Right now we're still under a couple feet of the white stuff. Oh, I am so ready for warmer weather.

Below you'll find a summary of the list given to me so far of what to include in my Writer's Haven. I thought it was a great list.

 Floor to ceiling shelves
 A desk with lots of surface space
 Filing area
 Timer to set when appointments need to interrupt writing time
 Decorate so it is visually appealing to your personal taste with photo’s and favorite objects as well
 Good lighting, ie. full-spectrum lamp
 Comfy chair for brainstorming in and for visitors
 Comfortable office desk chair, ie. High-backed lumbar support chair
 Mirror
 Large-faced clock
 Cork board
 White board
 Printer close at hand
 Good sized wall calendar

When I actually get my room completed, I'll try and remember to take some pictures and post them on this blog. I'm looking forward to creating my own inspiring writing nook. It would be nice to see pictures of other writer's spaces. If you've included some pics of yours on your blog or website, please let me know so I can visit.

For some further inspiration you may want to take a look at Donita Paul's website. She has done a fabulous job of getting several authors to send in pictures of their writing space along with their individual stories. I found it very inspiring. And from there you can also get a sneak peek at some of your favorite authors' gardens created by Deb Raney. Oh, what fun, indeed! Gives me the itch for our winter to be over so I can get out and turn up my own soil, too.

Blessings and happy space making indoors and out,


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