Friday, March 14, 2008

Internet Help for the Writer

Free sites abound on the internet. Google up on writing related topics and you’ll see the wealth of information authors and educators have shared of their own free will and time. Many authors have blogs and/or websites they update with writing tools, courses, and references for the writer-in-training to learn from.

I’ve come to believe that authors are some of the most giving and helpful people God has created, especially inspirational Christian writers. They show no limits in sharing their knowledge and offering support and encouragement to those of us struggling to learn the craft.

If you’ve read a good book, check to see if the author has a website or blog. Chances are that they do. You’ll learn more about them through it, and you might just discover that they are a great resource to your learning the craft, as well.

The internet is also a great source for researching for your novel's specific needs. It's an encyclopedia, really. Just be sure to check several sources to confirm the accuracy of the articles you're referencing.

Happy Googling, Everyone.


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