Friday, March 20, 2009

Tithing our time

I read an author interview recently in which the author was asked how she manages all her responsibilities and still fits in writing time.

I imagine all women writers, with our huge guilt complexities, could gain much from this author's response. I know I do.

This particular author said far more eloquently, but you'll get the just of it here, that she believes if one tithes their time to the Lord, He will provide for their every need. That includes writing time for those of us summoned to craft in a writerly fashion.

Tithing time to the Lord.

The multitude of ways in which to do just this is mind boggling. Beyond the daily bible reading, devotional enrichment, and my newest daily challenge of The Love Dare in which I'm now on day 37, there is prayer time, Sunday School teaching, and just generally trying to incorporate my growing faith in my everyday life. And, yes, I do have writing time, so God in His graciousness does provide!

What about you? Do you find you gain more writing time when you tithe your time to the Lord? I even find His words inspire the faith journey my characters experience. What a great way to incorporate your daily time with Him into your work, isn't it.

On an aside: Like I said, I am on day 37 of The Love Dare challenge. Though I am attempting to make this challenge for the whole family, I discovered that on occasion the dare is specific enough that only your spouse can reap the reward of that day's challenge. My husband especially likes day 32 and encourages me to revisit that one often. Bless his masculine heart!

If you haven't got hold of a copy of The Love Dare book, I encourage you to hunt for one. It's worth the effort!

Surrendering to Him,



Jody Hedlund said...

Hi Eileen,

Thank you so much for this post. Sometimes I get so busy with life responsibilities and also with trying to meet daily writing goals that I lose perspective.

Our time is really the Lord's time and he gives it to us as a gift. He wants us to give back to him the first fruits of it, doesn't he? So often I seem to give him the last fruits.

I recently watched Fire Proof. What a neat thing to try the Love Dare with your whole family! I hadn't thought of that!

Eileen Astels Watson said...

As you work through the Love Dare you'll discover that it truly brings you closer to God--builds on the personal relationship you've developed so far with our Creator.

It's helped me to pause and consider His chosen ways with every situation I encounter with my daughters and husband. It really helps me to focus on seeking His ways as my ways. I intend to keep doing the 40-day Love Dare over and over again until I master His righteousness--so I guess until I die, or another wonderful challenge is developed to help me focus.

sherrinda said...

I'm sad to say that I still haven't seen Fireproof. I keep hearing about it, but just haven't gotten it yet. The Love Dare Challenge sounds like something I need. ;)

So....the it on a 24 hour day, or just the waking hours? Or does it matter, as long as you spend time with Him? What do you think?

Eileen Astels Watson said...

Hey, Sherrinda!

Amount of tithing time? It's my belief that that's between each individual and God. All I can suggest is that you pray about it and listen for His answer. While you're waiting for that answer, though, I'd be a good thing to continue to worship and praise Him, and even experiment with lengths of time devoted to His word. The answer might come via that very time of experimenting.

sherrinda said...

I have spent time with God each morning, reading through the Bible each year and writing in a prayer journal. Some days I feel it is enough and others I feel like I am rushing through, just another thing to check off my list. I think for me, the hardest thing is to sit and listen for Him to speak. I don't do that well. But I pray that someday I will!

Susan said...

I hadn't really thought of the idea of tithing time to the Lord, but it's an excellent concept that I'm going to try applying.

Saw Fireproof and loved it. Will have to seek out the book on your recommendation.


Jessica said...

I've heard of tithing my time to God but have never done it. It sounds like a great idea, though.

Georgiana said...

Oh my, that's a fabulous idea that I've never considered. Somehow it sounds more difficult than tithing money, but so rewarding. I do spend time in my Bible study and prayer, but I'm SURE it's not nearly a tithe of the day.

Eileen Astels Watson said...

Sherrinda, I've always felt the closest to God when alone and in the middle of nowhere. More often than not, I have to settle for His intervention via my conscience.

I treasure the moments He fills me in a quiet, uplifting way.

I think I need to plan a little hike through a trail some time soon.