Monday, March 9, 2009

Ever heard of BERT?

Lee Roddy created this acrostic for writers:

Do my words really Benefit my readers?

Do they Enrich them?

Are they Relevant

And Timely?

"He went around doing good" Paul writes of Jesus in Acts 10:38

As writers, an instrument through which God can do great things, do we follow Jesus' example: "[going] around doing good"?

Do we take care that the articles, novels, and non-fiction works we painstakingly craft for Him are Beneficial, Enriching, Relevant, and Timely for our prospective readers?

To me, BERT is a powerful acrostic test to administer to all my works. Am I staying focused enough?

Gracious thanks to Marlene Bagnull, author of Write His Answer A Bible Study for Christian Writers for today's blog topic and pertinent material.

Surrendering to Him,



Jessica said...

I try to do that, even though I write romance. :-) I'd say the E stands for entertaining too. LOL

Eileen Astels Watson said...

Oh, yes, I'd definitely agree with the "entertaining" part. We can tweak this to E is for Enrich and Entertain. I like that even better!