Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spare Time Any One?

It occurred to me as I watched my girls settle into yet another show season that I'm not all that familiar with what my blog buddies do in their spare time from Writing? Do you all work outside the home? Are you raising wee ones that I know requires an amazing amount of time? Do you sew regularly?

What's the first thing that comes to mind that you enjoy doing when you're not putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard to write? I added the "enjoy" qualifier because I'm not looking for laundry or toilet scrubbing duties here. I want to know what else feeds your soul other than writing.

I'll go first.

Right now, the first thing that pops into my mind is that I'm a horse mom. What does that mean? It means I spend countless hours at a stable watching my three girls ride all year long, every week. During show season, which in our area begins this week and doesn't end until October, I spend countless hours on the road following our horse tucked safely in a trailer to get to the show destination. Then I spend the days roaming the show grounds, toting Gatorade or waters for my girls, and just plain helping wherever needed to minimize the stress battling to overcome the riders in this competitive sport.

And, yes, I love it! I'm a huge animal lover, and feel so blessed that God has allowed us to own a big beautiful horse with as kind a heart as any I've met in these past ten years of being a horse mom.

The pics are of our Donner (show name: Donnerell) during our schooling day yesterday at Palgrave. Alisha, my oldest daughter, is the one riding him. Donner just turned six on April 25th and this will be his first year of showing. When we took him up to the show rings yesterday we had no idea how he'd be. If he'd spook? Refuse to listen to commands? Or be scared out of his mind? Our coach had warned us for months that he may not be ready to show until much later in the season if at all this year. It all depends on the horse's temperament and how they respond to the show rings.

Well, Donner amazed us all, including the coach. Alisha said he was the easiest he's ever been to canter (keeping him in control) and he didn't spook at a single jump in the ring either, even with them all spiffed up to look pretty and show worthy. So, this Sunday we'll be witnessing Donner in his first show. How he'll compare to all the other horses and riders I have no idea, and honestly to me it's quite irrelevent. I just wanted him to make it this far for my girls to get to show again because I know they love it.

I'm just so proud of my girls for all their hard work with Donner. And I'm proud of our Donner for being so good for my girls. Together, they've built a trust in each other that I know will go a long way in making this show season a positive, fun experience for all.

So now that I've done my bragging, I want to hear you brag on. Other than writing, what do you do that fills your spirit with joy? I hope you'll share!

Surrendering to Him,



Keli Gwyn said...

How cool that you and your girls share such a special interest. I hope things go well at the show on Sunday and that a good time is had by all.

Joanne said...

This time of year, it's gardening for me. Next week I'll be putting in my tomato plants, some lettuce and eggplant too. Maybe a couple peppers. And we have a zinnia patch outside the kitchen window that keeps us busy, along with the goldfinches and butterflies that visit it. So that's where you'll find me in the summer, tending the gardens and enjoying the amazing food they produce.

Best wishes to your daughters on the Horse show circuit :)

Erica Vetsch said...

What wonderful pictures and what a fun way to spend your time. The horse-show world would make a wonderful background/setting for a novel.

The first thing that came to mind for me was homeschooling/bookkeeping...but then you said fun...homeschooling is fun, but for pure relaxation, I like to read.

Jessica Nelson said...

You're such a cool mom! Your girls are blessed to have you. The horse is gorgeous, btw. His! Hmm, in my sparetime, for fun, what do I do? LOL Read? Does that count? I like movies and physical activities too, or games. :-)

Anita said...

I love your photos!!! Hmm...when not writing and doing the family thing, I like to read. And I swim, too.

Sarah Forgrave said...

Wow, what a beautiful horse! I'm not much of an animal person, but I love watching the Kentucky Derby every year. It's always inspiring to hear the stories.

Like others have said, I love to read. :) I also love to make and deliver meals for families in need. And in my pre-kid days, I loved to spend afternoons playing tennis. Maybe in a few years, I'll get back on the court. :)

Sarah Thomas said...

My job fundraising for a children's home is hugely rewarding and mostly fun. But for real "down" time I like to read, cook (and eat!), hang out with my husband and play with our dog.

Karen Lange said...

I love to read and spend time with family (particularly my 3 year old grandson). I also walk and enjoy brisk hikes. Thanks for sharing about your "spare time"!

Stephanie Faris said...

I work in I.T. so all my spare "fun" time has to be spent writing and reading. I do like to travel and cook...and (unfortunately too much!) eat!

Eileen Astels Watson said...

Thanks for stopping by and enlightening me about yourselves.

Reading is getting the most votes it seems. I love to read too. I always have a novel in tow, even at the shows.

Homeschooling would be a huge one for sure. I fear I'd never have the patience for that myself. :(

Gardening is one of mine too, though I rarely have enough time to keep them weeded.

Loree Huebner said...

Love Donner! You must be so proud of your daughters. Awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes on Sunday!

quietspirit said...

It is neat that you and your girls love this activity. Health issues caused me to separate from my job in 2008. I love to read. I have this habit of watching the police dramas,the Law and Order shows, the CSI shows, and old Jessica Fletcher and Matlock shows.
I direct short plays I have written for our church Drama Ministry. I have also acted in some of the plays.
Hubby and I love to travel but his health usually keeps us close to home.

Stephanie Faris said...

I write on the side, which leaves little time for hobbies. I do love cooking and (unfortunately) eating! I guess that's my other passion.

I commented the other day, but Blogger zapped it, so if it shows up the double posts wasn't deliberate!

Kathi Oram Peterson said...

Oh what fun you must have! Nothing beats watching your kids doing what they love. I just enjoy being with my family on my down time. Hubby and I golf, though I haven't gone out on the links for well over a year. Too many deadlines. You're reminding me to enjoy life a little more. :)