Monday, December 8, 2008

Seeing the True Christmas Story in the Traditions of Today

A few weeks ago I asked how you brought the true meaning of Christmas into your celebrations. I received some great feedback. If you didn't happen to read that post or the great comments left, click here for a peek.

My family participates in many of the same ways that were offered in those comments. We donate to the food bank, not just at Christmas, but year round. We've participated in local Angel Tree programs throughout the years, and/or contributed shoe boxes to the Samaritan's Purse ministry each year. We also donate more generously to various charities during this time of year. A nativity scene is displayed in our home on a coffee table in our living room each year, as well as a set of individual pieces hung on one of our Christmas trees that we proudly decorate in celebration of this season. I also make a point of praying for the true meaning of Christmas to be revealed more clearly and broadly.

But even in doing these things, I felt guilty that I found so much pleasure in the Christmas traditions of today. Traditions that so many people feel take away from the true meaning of Christmas--Love, Peace, Hope, and Joy that is given to us so faithfully through the birth of Jesus Christ. So I decided that if I wanted to surround myself with all this beauty--the traditions of today--I had better find a way to make these things remind me of Jesus and all that He is to those who believe. So here is the piece that I formulated, putting my thoughts into words, for our latest Church newsletter.

In my heart…

The festive season is a celebration of Jesus’ birth.

Twinkle lights of all shapes, sizes, and colours emulate the star of Bethlehem .

Modern day cinnamon and pine are reminiscent of the Magi’s gifts of incense and myrrh.

Trees, garland, candy canes and Angels convey the shepherds’ glorious story from long ago.

Baked goods and presents remind me of the sweetest gift of all—our Lord Jesus Christ.

In my heart, I offer all this up as a birthday celebration fit for the King of kings, Jesus Christ, our Heavenly Saviour, for He is truly the one and only reason for celebrating with such magnificence.

May the spirit of Christmas, no matter how we celebrate, bless us all and glorify His name.

I pray this week brings you much joy in celebrating Christmas!



17 days left in this year until the main celebration our Saviour's birth.
Merry Christmas to all!!


Jessica Nelson said...

Hmm, I haven't done a whole lot but I hope to in the future. For right now we just try to tell the kiddos that we give gifts 'cause God gave us the most special gift, Jesus.
I'd like to start a tradition of helping the needy somehow.

jess said...

I miss hearing about your writing!
I am trying to add more immediacy to my writing too, to do less "He realized..." and more showing.