Monday, December 1, 2008

First Snow Day

In our little part of the world, today, December 1st, marks the first snow day of the school year for our three girls. School buses are cancelled in our Township, so our eldest daughter's school is closed, and for the first time since moving out to our little Village, the girls' elementary school will remain open for those who can safely travel to the their school, but the buses won't be running for all the rural kids.

To me, this is a sign of how the urban lifestyle encroaches on the rural. So sad. I certainly understand the reasoning for the fight to keep the school open during "snow days" that don't effect all schools in our school board's region. I, too, was in the fast paced, defined family and sick days work force for many years, but I cherished the days that called me to take pause, and combine quality and quantity family time. That's what used to be great about rural living. You didn't have to feel guilty about staying home with your kids on designated snow days because the choice was not yours to make. The school board did it for you.

Do you get "snow days" in your area of residence? What do you do with your student-aged children on those special days? Bake? Play in the snow and possibly shovel yourselves out of the snow? Shop once the roads are cleared? Visit family and friends? Play board games?

I've done a mixture of these over the years, but unfortunately this snow day's family-time will have to be cut short for me and my girls. I have an appointment in a city about a half hour away, and since the highways are reported to be fairly clear, I can't cancel, so our official quality and quantity family time will have to begin around noon today when I return. I so look forward to our afternoon together!



24 days left in this year until the main celebration our Saviour's birth.
Merry Christmas to all!!


Georgiana Daniels said...

Have fun in the snow!

Jessica Nelson said...

Snow? What's that? LOL I live in Florida. We don't have snow days but lots of hurricane days!