Friday, November 14, 2008

Seven Random Bookish Things--My first meme tag

I was tagged by Kalea to come up with Seven Random Bookish Things, so here it goes:

1. My all time favourite book and movie (the four-hour edition) is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin.

2. I always have at least two, but usually three books on the go. A novel (usually a Christian romance), a book on the craft of writing, and/or a self-help, motivational type of book.

3. In high school I plotted stories, what at the time I had envisioned as movie scripts, in shorthand. They're stored in my hope chest on steno pads, but I can't read any of them now. Talk about encryption!

4. I can only write in silence. No radio, no background noise from kids. Nadda. Funny, considering I'm generally a multi-tasker.

5. I'm a very slow reader. I generally don't skim, but read every single word. I retain a lot this way, but it's certainly costly time wise.

6. I'm horrible at remembering to return books to libraries, and as a result I don't often utilize those facilities anymore.

7. I have a difficult time letting go of a book I like. Whether it has repeat read value or not, I tend to hold on to it. Imagine how cluttered my bookshelves are, and how many we have in our home. No, I'm not telling.

Okay, that's my seven random bookish things, now for the rules and to tag another seven blogs.

Who shall I tag to hopefully discover seven bookish things from them?

Jillian @ Sleep Is Not Required (I think I know what kind of books Jillian's going to be referring to.)
Emma @ Emma Eldon Blogspot
Becky @ Becky Melby's Blogspot
Wendy @ Wendalyn Loves to Write
Bonnie @ Fiction Matters
Sue @ Sue Mason's Blog
Jessica @ BookingIt

I look forward to reading all the wonderful bookish things divulged through this meme.



42 days left this year to reflect and celebrate our Saviour's birth.


Betsy St. Amant said...

The tags are going around! lol I just tagged you on my blog for 7 random things (not writing related though)

Jessica Nelson said...

I posted mine :-) Thanks for taggin me.

Jessica Nelson said...

Oh yeah, I meant to mention your list. I have trouble getting rid of books I like too. In fact, I love to stock up on certain authors. It's very, very bad. LOL My shelves (and some floors) are crammed.

kalea_kane said...

Great answers! I can totally imagine you surrounded by 1000s of books! That is so cool that you once wrote your scripts and stories in shorthand on steno pads! :) I am glad you took on your tag. I always enjoy reading what you write Eileen. :)