Monday, November 24, 2008

Fitting it all in.

I'm Canadian, so I'm not in the mad frenzy of preparing for the American Thanksgiving weekend that fast approaches. However, I realize that many of my blog readers are living that frenzied lifestyle now, and will be for several weeks more as the Christmas rush gets underway both here and abroad. I think the American way has seeped over the boarder some to our advantage, though. Since our Thanksgiving is celebrated mid October, we have several extra weeks to spread the Christmas to-do list over, and thus maybe we aren't quite as rushed as our American friends.

So, my question today, is how do you fit it all in? The Thanksgiving celebration, Christmas shopping, celebrating, sharing, giving, and work, be it writing or otherwise. What method of fulfilling this madness do you live by to discover the New Year with satisfaction and joy, not guilt, despair, and exhaustion?

Praying for a Peace to fall on us all,


32 days left this year to reflect and celebrate our Saviour's birth.


Georgiana Daniels said...

Great question. I've always approached the holidays like a grinch because I spent too many years in retail. Thankfully my mother LOVES to cook everything herself from scratch. The only thing I'm allowed to make is my super-duper-secret-recipe-artery-clogging mashed potatoes!

Jessica Nelson said...

You're a Canadian? Somehow I forgot that. :-)
Hmmm, this mad rush? How do I do it?
Slowly. LOL I don't want to be in a frenzied, stressful rush. Yuck. Luckily, for Thanksgiving all I need to bring are four cans of corn. Heheee

Pamela J said...

We have usually taken a relaxed approach to Thanksgiving. Even cooking a big meal for 15-20 people isn't too bad for me. I do the pies a day or two ahead. The worst is getting the turkey in the oven and then the potatoes to cooking. Well, some may have a harder time than I do. Moving on to the Christmas celebration, the most preparing I do anymore is to practice the piano since I have some favorites I like to play that have some difficult moves. We don't go all out to do gifts for everyone so that helps with the mad shopping rush and the money crunch. We enter the New Year with the satisfaction we still have all our bills pay and are guilt free about bills looming over us to begin the new year. Exhaustion is not a new thing to us. In fact, the holiday season is actually more relaxing because we are not frantically doing last minute purchasing and mailings. I don't do many baked holiday goodies either. Hmmm... guess we don't do a lot different than any other time of year. Except to know this is the time of year we celebrate our Lord's birth.
Pam Williams