Thursday, September 25, 2008

Three-Month Count Down Begins

I recently created a fall display, complete with various varieties of mums, pumpkins, including a fairytale one, and scarecrows out front, but my thoughts are wandering to the most precious season of all. Christmas. Did you know that the day we dedicate to celebrating Jesus's birth is only ninety-one days away?

The months and days leading to Christmas Day have always been my favorite season. Though I imagine when I was little the spark came more from anticipation of what brightly wrapped surprises I'd discover tucked under our glittering Christmas tree on that special morning. Now, however, the spark that Christmas ignites in me is far less selfish. It's not about the gifts, or even so much about the giving, anymore. It's difficult to explain, but the Christmas season brings history to life for me. At least one particular time in history, that of Jesus's time on earth.

My mother leaves with a Church group for a tour of Jerusalem in a couple of weeks. I'm so excited for her, and so looking forward to the day that I can walk the Holy land where Mary and Joseph raised their son, where Jesus later ministered, and ultimately sacrificed His life for everyone. I've cloaked my Mom in prayer for this amazing adventure she's about to experience. Due to the unrest in the Holy land, I welcome all prayers of safety and clarity for my Mom and those she is traveling with.

I know that if I were on this trip with Mom at this time of year, I'd be thinking of Mary and Joseph as I toured. Particularly about Mary's mindset as the birth of Jesus approached. She was such a young girl, not yet even known her new husband. She'd be rounding, and feeling Jesus's kicks within by now. No doubt anxious about the birth experience, worried about safety for them all, concerned about how she and Joseph would raise God's child to His glory. I imagine Mary as a very quiet young woman. She must have been to allow herself to hear God's guidance with how she was to rear His Son, and conduct her own life. I suspect she talked often with God. Poured her fears and concerns out to Him, and found her strength through Him. I think I'll take that thought with me today, won't you join me? Allow yourself to be quiet, listening for God's peace and direction for the hours ahead.

Blessings to us all,


91 days to reflect and celebrate our Saviour's birth.

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kalea_kane said...

What a beautiful display!