Friday, May 23, 2008

Tucker's Home and Friday's Vocabulary Enrichment Word

We've been without our little yorkie-poo, Tucker, for several days now due his fractured leg. I can't tell you how relieved we are to have him back home, knowing that his three-hour surgery went as well as could possibly be expected given the severity of his breaks. The Ontario Veterinary Clinic in Guelph took very good care of our little Tucker, I'm happy to report.

He nearly jump from the technician's arms when he saw me, and then when he got close enough, he cleaned my face as only dogs can do. I never enjoyed wet kisses so much! It truly was a relief to see that his temperament/disposition had not been altered considering all he's been through since Saturday when he tumbled down our steps.

For all of you out there with very small breed dogs, I highly recommend you watch them very closely with stairs, jumping from couches, beds, etc. The specialists at the Veterinary Hospital apparently see a huge number of these fractures that you would think were caused by being hit by a car, but were simple accidents occurring within the home.

These small breed dogs have such tiny bone structure that one wrong twist, or stressful impact, can cause major damage. Tucker will need his splint bandage changed weekly for the next two to four weeks and then he'll still need to be kept relatively calm for another twelve weeks as his bones heal over the pins and screws. We are far from the end of his recovery, but it so good to have him home and no, we will never be allowing him to traverse our steps again. I never again want to hear my little man's high-pitched excruciating cry again. It's a sound that tore the breath out of me at the time, and still today when I think of it, I cringe and feel my insides all knotting up. I pray we'll be able to keep him safe and that his repairs will heal over so that he has many good years ahead with the use of all four of his legs.

I want to express a huge thank you to all who have prayed for Tucker's successful surgery. Knowing you all were out there joining us in prayer assuaged our very real concerns. We appreciate all your prayers and kind words. Thank You All!

Since this is Friday, and I offer a vocabulary enhancement word each Friday, I wonder, did you guess my choice word for this week from that last paragraph?

Ah, yes, you are correct if you picked: Assuaged

as·suage [ə swáyj]
(past as·suaged, past participle as·suaged, present participle as·suag·ing, 3rd person present singular as·suag·es)

Meaning: relieve something unpleasant: to provide relief from something distressing or painful

Another example sentence: Constant reassurance could not assuage their fears.

[13th century. Via Old French assuagier from assumed Vulgar Latin assuaviare , literally “to sweeten,” from Latin suavis “sweet” (see suave).]

-as·suage·ment, n
-as·suag·er, n
-as·sua·sive [ə swáysiv, ə swáyziv], adj
Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

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Blessings, and may you all have a wonderful weekend.


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