Friday, May 2, 2008

Scrapping Nook Weekend and Vocabulary Enhancement

Today I'm travelling to my home town to spend a weekend with my Mom and two of my sisters at a Scrapping Nook weekend retreat. We have a suite booked at the hotel and will be helping our Mom get her heritage album well on the way of preserving all her wonderful photos.

I bought a new bathing suit so that I can enjoy the pool and hot tub in the hotel and I'm also booked for some pampering time to get a pedicure and massage along side of my sisters and Mom. So we won't be just scrapping, we'll be indulging in some quality family time while getting pampered too. Won't that be fun. As long as I can let go of my stories and writing to-do list, it will be. I've started praying all ready for God to help me let all my writing responsibilities go for this weekend away.

I've also been praying for a safe journey. I'm NOT a highway driver. I've always left that to my dear hubby. So this is an especially stressful event for me, as I must do the hour and three-quarter drive on my own. Well, not fully alone. I'm actually taking this cute little guy with me. His name is Brewster and he is my youngest sister's dog. They are heading north to Sault Ste. Marie for five days and so Brewster will stay with our Dad while Mom and us girls go to the retreat, then he'll return to town with me and stay with our family until they arrive back home in Kitchener next Wednesday.

So if you all feel so inclined, please pray for safe journeys for Brewster and I and also for my hubby, Phil, to handle the weekend with our three girls and all the chauffeuring required for their activities. May they have a wonderful daddy daughter weekend with Mom away from the nest.

Now, on with my Vocabulary Enhancement word. I actually found this one in a reply to one of my Authors-Helping-Writers interviews. It's probably one you all know, but it was new to me and I really like it and thought it useful to add to my list of new words.

The word is:

Disparate (dis-pe-ret) adj: Distinct in quality or character (The Merriam-Webster Dictionary). Or, for a description I like even better, it means: very different: used to describe things or people so completely unlike each other that they cannot be compared.(Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2004 Microsoft Corporation.)

A sample sentence, courtesy of Cheryl Wyatt, my next week's Authors-Helping-Writers interviewee is : Cold contest critiques will help prepare authors for disparate reviews too. (See, I even managed to give a sneak peak of my next interview way early.)

Thanks, Cheryl. I really like this word.

For a challenge, lets see what sentence you can come up with containing the word disparate.

May you all have a wonderful weekend!



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Cheryl Wyatt said...

He he he! I like that word too. It rolls off the tongue quite nicely. LOL!

GREAT blog! I wish mine had great content like this one. LOL!