Friday, June 13, 2008

Musings Friday and Vocabulary Enhancement

Hello, All:

I've written this post ahead of time as I am currently at Write! Canada, a writer's conference in Guelph, Ontario. I'm hoping that I'm learning lots and meeting wonderful writing friends and getting reacquainted with others that I met last year at this conference, too. The praise time is likely a highlight for me, once again, since the coordinators of this event do such a wonderful job of planning daily worship. I so look forward to the songs and readings!

Tucker update: Tucker is doing wonderful. The cast came off just in time for our unseasonably high temperatures. Praise God. We bought our Little Man a doggy stroller so that he can join Tippy and I on our walks again. The doctor has limited his exercise for the next couple months to bathroom breaks only until his bones are well healed, so the only way he can get a walk is by being carried or pushed in a stroller. I don't relish carrying him in this heat, so the stroller won out. I must say that I feel rather foolish pushing a doggy stroller while being tugged along by another dog. I'm sure people are thinking I'm nuts not to just walk the other pooch too since I'm walking the big black one anyway. And trust me, as soon as Tucker gets the go-ahead to walk for exercise again, he's out of that stroller. He can keep up with Tippy no problem when all four legs are functioning and that's what I pray will happen again soon. We are very pleased with how he is doing!

This has been a busy week of preparing for my absence in our home as well as getting all my ducks in a row for conference prep, so I haven't much more in the way of musings this week. Too busy to really sit and think up a great topic quite frankly. Please forgive me. But I did come across an interesting word in one of the submissions I critiqued for the Romance Intensive course I'm taking. So I think I'll use it for my Vocabulary Enhancement word.

The word of the week: Fisticuffs.

fist·i·cuffs [físti kùfs]npl

Definition: fighting with fists: fighting using the fists (archaic or humorous)

[Early 17th century. Origin uncertain: probably from fisty “with the fists” + cuff2 “blow.”]Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Using fisticuffs in a sentence: The fisticuffs continued as the entertained onlookers cheered the participants on.

May you all have a wonderful weekend and may fisticuffs NOT be a part of it!



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Georgiana said...

Love the word, though I'm not sure how I'll work it into a scene =)