Friday, May 23, 2008

A Time of Sorrow

Hi, All:

I usually try and keep my Friday Musings posts on an upbeat topic, but my life this past week seems to be dictating a more soulful discussion is in order. In my little world, our family was plunked into what we consider a tragic and concerning situation, but it is nothing in comparison to what the family of singer/songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman has been facing.

They lost their five-year-old daughter/sister to a tragic driveway accident in which their older son was behind the wheel. I can't imagine what that young man is going through. I know that if I were him, I'd be asking: "Why, Lord? Why did you let this happen?" I'm certain I'd be angry with God. I know that's very wrong, but my defensiveness would kick in and I'd be blaming Him for not opening my eyes to my little sister behind me, for His not whispering a word of warning in my ear that would cause me to halt the movement of my vehicle before it was too late. But none of this would help me make sense of the tragedy, would it?

I've come to believe that some things are far beyond our human understanding. We are mere mortals, incapable of understanding the vastness of God's Eternal World from which He watches over us. I must trust that He is in control and that little Maria Sue is in His awesome eternal care for a reason that only He and our Savior Jesus Christ are capable of understanding.

I pray for all the Chapman family, and for all the friends who are mourning over Maria Sue Chapman's death. May God grant them a moment of peace in the midst of their sorrow and may His Glory and Greatness reign over this humanly incomprehensible tragedy.

May God find a nook within each of us to settle in and comfort us with regard to any of our earthly concerns. And may we be responsive to His love and guidance.




Georgiana said...

I can't even imagine such a tragedy. My heart broke when I found out about this, and it really doesn't make any sense, either in the spiritual or the natural. I suppose that's where the trust comes in.

Eileen Astels Watson said...

There are so many unknowns to us. It's all very confusing at times. Yes, I do believe you're right, TRUST is the key.