Sunday, May 25, 2008

Review of Deadly Exposure by Cara Putman

Deadly Exposure by Cara Putman
Steeple Hill, Love Inspired Suspense
ISBN: 978-0-373-44292-8

Back Cover Blurb:

How could a killer have struck in a crowded theater? That was the question plaguing TV news reporter Dani Richard. She'd been in the box next to the victim--and hadn't heard or seen a thing. Now the very man who had broken Dani's heart years ago was investigating the murder. And when her coverage of the story led the killer to stalk her, police officer and former flame Caleb Jamison insisted on protecting her. Dani was afraid to let Caleb close again. Yet she had no choice. The killer's sinister phone calls left no doubt that he'd come for Dani next.

Review: Deadly Exposure is Cara Putman's first Love Inspired Suspense novel. Cara Putman knows how to trip the reader up, she had me second-guessing myself right until the very end through the use of several secondary characters. For a short book, it holds quite a cast, but it is told through Dani and Caleb's point of views only. The reader clearly sees and understands the tension between the hero and heroine and juggles the uncovered clues along with them, all the while routing for their hearts' desire to conquer the hurts of the past. This is a story that picked up momentum the further I got into it and gave a satisfying ending with a little food for thought, too. Next up for me, is to try out Cara's Historical Romances.

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Pamela J said...

I love suspense books. I've seen this book around and think it would be great fun(?) to read. Maybe exciting, white-knuckle and breath taking would be better words than even fun. If this is a spot to enter for the drawing that ends today, please enter me. Thanks.
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