Monday, November 14, 2011

Some Needed Muscle

Have you ever worked through something that felt like drudgery?

Like losing those last five unwanted pounds.

Yup, that's me, and I feel like giving up. Why is it that I can force myself through hours, days, months of drudgery working on a wip, but being disciplined in the food intake department is too much of a challenge for this old bird?

But since this is supposed to be a Motivation Monday post, I did some research on how to fix my dilemma.

Since I can't cut calories anymore and continue to eat healthy, I've decided to go the exercise route. Did you know that for every pound of muscle you build it burns 35 to 50 calories a day. So if I can convert just 10 of my fat pounds into muscle, that'll burn an extra 350 to 500 calories per day. With Christmas around the corner, it'd sure be nice to be able to enjoy a few morsels of festive treats without packing on more weight.

Did you also know that there are many health bonuses to creating muscle? All the more reason to gain some of that lean muscle mass.

So who's going to join me in doing a little weight training and toning? I don't want to be alone. If you have some favorite exercises, I'd love to hear about them.

Surrendering to Him,



Sandra Orchard said...

Okay, I'm in. The funnest strength training I've done lately is being my grandbaby's jolly jumper. And she's adding pounds to the exercise by the week! :-)

Katie Ganshert said...

I should! I used to be so good about exercising!

Susan R. Mills said...

I'm with you! In fact, as soon as I'm done blogging this morning and I'm off to do some weight training.

Wendy Paine Miller said...

Katie, I get it. Writing sucks up all our time.

I really need to do something about my chicken arms.
~ Wendy

Keli Gwyn said...

I've recently added a doctor-prescribed exercise regimen to my life. I go to Curves for circuit training 3x a week and walk for at least half an hour the other days. I fought the idea at first, but I'm getting used to the routine and am already seeing results, which inspires me to forge ahead.

Loree Huebner said...

I'm in! I've been going to therapy for my back, and I learned that if you don't have time to exercise take the time for stretches everyday. 10 minutes of stretching keeps you limber.

Tamika Eason said...

I Zumba once a week. It should be more according to experts. But a girl has to start somewhere:)

Cindy R. Wilson said...

Oh yeah! I'm with you here! The cardio part is easier for me and I have to remind myself to do the weight training. I get pilates in every once in awhile and let me tell you, two weeks of that REALLY makes a difference. I'll be rooting you on!

Kara said...

I'm commiting myself to taking my sister barball class once a week:) And it's true dieting without exercise doesn't get you very far, but sometimes its so hard to get motivated to do it:) Good look with your muscle building!

Terri Tiffany said...

I needed to read this today! I have 4 pounds to lose and still have to get on the treadmill today. God to know I'm not alone!

Lily Whalen said...

I'm in Eileen! Would you like to sign up for a total body workout class with me (it meets Wednesday mornings, starting in January, I think). In the meantime, I need to get back to my walking routine, and try out a couple of new exercise DVDs I've borrowed from the library.

Ramped up my 'diet' starting last night, and am borrowing The Beck Diet and 17 Day Diet from the library. A gal at my bootcamp class (which runs until mid-December) told me she lost 25 pounds on it and has successfully maintained the loss. She heard about the book from someone else who'd found success on the program (whatever it looks like).