Friday, April 15, 2011

Simple Friday

It's Friday!

So, are you writing in your pj's today or in your day clothes?

What's your usual writing attire?

As for me, most days I'm clothed as I do an early morning walk, but today I'm starting out in my pj's in hopes of getting a good run on words before household chores start clammering for attention.

What do you find, are you more successful in a day's writing when you've gotten dressed for the day, or when you delve right into your novel?

Till next time, may you write on...

Surrendering to Him,



Faith said...

I usually spend most of the day in my PJs and get dressed later in the day... or if I want to go write somewhere else. I'd planned to stay home today and write, but I'm thinking I'll be more productive if I actually get dressed and head out to the cafe. We'll see!

Sarah Thomas said...

Oh, I wear my comfy "lounge" wear! Not quite pajamas, but not quite what I'd want to be seen in public wearing, either! And slippers on my feet. I write better if I'm tottaly comfortable. Getting dressed doesn't help, it makes me feel like I should be doing my day job instead : )

Erica Vetsch said...

I dress for the day, and I'm most productive when I head out of the house to the coffee shop to work.

If I'm in my jammies, I tend to flip on the tv, play a few games of spider solitaire, generally goof around.

Joanne said...

Definitely dressed for the day. Jeans, light sweater, maybe a scarf and a little jewelry. It brings a more serious intent to what I do.

Loree Huebner said...

If I don't have to work (like today - I'm off - YAY!) I will hang out in my running pants and a big Gettysburg t-shirt - my writing clothes. I'll take a shower around noon and dress for the day...ummmm maybe. ;)

Have a great weekend!

Katie Ganshert said...

I'm dressed in work clothes, but tend to stay in my pj's and write first thing in the morning on the weekends.

Lily Whalen said...

I'm more productive if I am dressed for the day. It doesn't have to be anything special, but definitely not pajamas!

Sarah Forgrave said...

I'm usually a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl during the day. With little ones around, I have to wear whatever washes easiest. :)

quietspirit said...

I just hang around the house in whatever. Sometimes sweats, sometimes lounge PJs. If I have to be somewhere in the morning, I dress for that and try to stay away from the computer.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Eileen -

I have a regular routine of devotional time, making the bed, getting dressed, etc. If I deviate from my normal ritual, it messes up my day. :)

Yeah, I know. I'm a creature of habit.