Friday, October 30, 2009

Love Is...

Gross at times.

With Halloween tomorrow, I thought I'd gross you all out. Refrain from reading on if you have a weak stomach. I won't be hurt. Promise! But before you leave, Happy Halloween!

Okay, on with Love is Gross at times. Remember back to the love is... feline friends battlefield post? Well, since then, I was given the illustrious job by my veterinarian to collect a fecal sample from each of the new members of our family. Wouldn't want any parasites hanging around down there, now would we? Oh joy!

Grossness, grossness, grossness, is more like it.

You wouldn't think it would be that difficult to carry out those orders since Noelle and Emma are indoor cats and do their business in a litter box, would you? Besides the grossness part, I mean. But, in reality, I still haven't figured out which cat does which style of doodoo in their shared litter box, and I need to put Noelle's sample in her labelled bottle, and Emma's in her own labelled bottle. These cats seem to have scheduled their business dropping into the middle of the night, leaving me without an opportunity to tell which does what. And I'm sorry doc, but I'm not staying up all night to man the litter box and figure it out. Though, since I paid for these expensive tests already, perhaps I should.

Now, if we're to be honest, it's not only loving other species that qualifies for the gross factor in loving, though, is it? I can think of many festering soars through the years that I've choked back bile over in the process of nursing my little one's flesh back to health. That's all a part of loving. The bad with the good. And we won't mention the hours of clean-up we've partaken in due to the spattering remnants of flu, will we?

Oops, sorry, guess I just did.

Loving is sometimes gross, but I'm glad God gave me the ability to do all these things for those He has blessed me with. We really do get our strength from Him!! Praise God.

And since it is Halloween tomorrow, just to introduce our loved ones to a little of the grossness factor we've been dealt through the years and continue to so graciously deal with, I say we brew our families a pot of eyeball chili, tarantula biscuits complete with olive eyes, and mummy hot dogs for dinner tomorrow night.

And make them stomach it all!


So, what's your typical Halloween feast? Recipes welcome.

Surrendering to Him,



Jessica Nelson said...

No halloween fests here, not until after the trick or treating. Then, after the kiddos are in bed, mommy will be feasting away. LOL

YOu're right! Love can be gross. When you first said that, I'm sorry to say a certain thing popped into my mind. Ahem. I was a fairly naive eighteen year old when I married and though I'd read plenty of romances, there were certain things about married life I was unprepared for. *snort*
That topic aside, yes, I've wiped up my share of vomit...oh, this'll be a long comment because I just remembered something really gross.
My husband and I had been married about a year. We went to all you can eat Chinese. I didn't eat it because I don't like it, but hubby completely stuffed himself on crab legs and butter. We went home and suddenly he didn't feel so well. I told him he should take a shower because he felt hot.
And he threw up in the bathtub! Ewww. My first experience cleaning up someone else's nastiness for love's sake. *grimacing still*

Rebecca Nazar said...

What a sweet post. Yes, love, faith, stewardship of critters has its clean up duties. Praying while gagging is difficult but always helps, I find.

As far as the cat poop is concerned, I ask my cats all the time to please monogram their deposits; they haven't yet. In reply they blink and yawn.

Eileen Astels Watson said...

Jessica, that does sound awful! I think that tops anything I've had to do, including my daughters doing their doodoo in the tub.

Rebecca, next year I'll do scary for my Halloween theme, but considering my assignment this year, I just had to go with the gross factor. Love isn't all romance for sure.

Joanne said...

My Halloween feast? Sneaking for myself way too much of the candy I give out! Oh, temptation ;)

Happy Halloween to you!

Tamika: said...

I'm like Jessica. Mommy will be feasting on the candy!

Isn't it a blessing that God loved me even when I was gross. Even now he still calls me close when I may be covered in worms and other gunk.

Thank you Jesus!

Tamika: said...

I'm like Jessica. Mommy will be feasting on the candy!

Isn't it a blessing that God loved me even when I was gross. Even now he still calls me close when I may be covered in worms and other gunk.

Thank you Jesus!

Faith said...

Definitely will be eating candy... probably before the trick-or-treaters even show up at the door... *blush*

Georgiana Daniels said...

Love can be gross!!! Funny how we'd stomach anything for the ones we love, but for the animals? Oy, you have a much bigger heart than me.

Susan R. Mills said...

Yeah, I'd say collecting cat poop is gross. Great thoughts though. We couldn't stomach all the gross things without love, could we? Our Halloween feast always consists of chili and cornbread. I'm off to the store now to get the supplies.

Natalie said...

Yeah, I spend at least a a half hour everyday cleaning up pee, poop, vomit, and/or something spilled. Love is GROSS!

Linda Kage said...

Ah, the things we do for love! Thanks for sharing... I guess. I'm sure I'll be doing all sorts of gross stuff here in a few months when my lovely little baby girl is born. I doubt she'll appreciate it...but because I love her, I'l still do it.

Tana said...

OK yuck. You are so nice you deserve a statue. OXOX

Cindy R. Wilson said...

Your post made me smile, even though it was gross. We're having a pot of chili tonight, with a movie marathon. Yay! Have a great weekend and good luck with NaNo!

Diane said...

Ain't that the reality of it though. It is down and dirty, nasty, yukky, and gross at times, but a most definite part of loving. :O)

Erica Vetsch said...

Oh, the things we do for love. :)

Our Halloween fare is usually veggie pizza and candy. Nutritionally neutral, right? :D

Stephanie Faris said...

I want to know more about those tarantula biscuits and mummy hot dogs!

Eileen Astels Watson said...

Stephanie, I use pillsbury crescent rolls for each. You shape them into each. Use crumpled tinfoil to mold the body of the spider and then roll fine bits of dough and curl over more shaped tinfoil to create the legs. for the mummy hot dogs, wrap the dough around the hot dogs to seal them. Bake, then use dabs of ketchup and mustard for the eyes and mouth. They're fun to make. The tarantula's take a lot more time, but so worth the look in the end if the legs stay intacked.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Um...thanks for sharing?


Love is gross. especially when you think about all blood, vomit, poop, etc... we happly take care of with our children. :)

No Halloween feast here. I'm ordering pizzas!

VR Barkowski said...

Fantastic post, Eileen! Funny, heartwarming and totally relatable. Love moves mountains. Doo doo, mountains - it's all the same. We'll do anything for those we care about, no questions asked.

Oh, and dinner? Honestly, after reading your post I'm not in the mood to think about food. LOL!