Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Crazy Week of Preparation

Getting ready for conference is like preparing for a month-long family vacation on a deserted island. Time consuming!

With the extra chauffeuring duties for my oldest in the midst of high school exams, doctor appointments, and a hamster who insists on welcoming infection, I've had a run this past week and a half. But all's good. I think I'm on track.

Two things came to mind during my mad rushes recently:

1) You know you're a writer when you pass the road-side lottery sign that shouts Five Million Dollars and you think, what would I do if I won? Would I quit trying to get this writing thing right? No. Never. But I would hire a house keeper and gardener so that I could write more!

2) Writing is merely a collection of words; given enough permutations, you're bound to get it right. (That's the editor in me screaming for hope!)

So, tell me, what strange and wonderful things come to your mind unexpectedly as you rush to get something done?

Surrendering to Him,



MeganRebekah said...

My new favorite quote of the day: "hamster who insists on welcoming infection"

Thanks for that image! :)

Katie Ganshert said...

Oh my goodness - it I won 5 million dollars, I would WRITE until my fingers turn blue! I would quit my job, hire a housekeeper and a cook and spend my days playing with my son and WRITING!! It sounds like heaven. I know money doesn't buy happiness... but this thought makes me very happy. :) Oh well... God has a better plan...right?

Warren Baldwin said...

The time I will have when it is over!

Jennifer Shirk said...

I'm with you with that lottery win. I automatically thought, "More time to write!" LOL!

Georgiana Daniels said...

As I rush to get something done I think, NEVER AGAIN. Of course, then I go and do whatever it is all over again.

It would be cool to win the lottery--I'd become a conference junkie.

Terri Tiffany said...

When do you go to the conference? SOon? I would be thinking YAY!!!

Jody Hedlund said...

Your comments over on Jill's blog about saying hi to each other from you totally cracked me up! I'm still chuckling!

Oh, Eileen, I can't wait to meet you at the conference in Sept.! I know you have one conference to go and your on full gear toward that! But just think of how prepared you'll be now for ACFW!

Have a wonderful conference and I hope you'll share every little last detail of your experience! I'll be waiting to hear how it goes!

Warren Baldwin said...

Eileen, I came up with another answer to your question, "So, tell me, what strange and wonderful things come to your mind unexpectedly as you rush to get something done?" - I've come up with 2 more writing project ideas as a result of ending one project and going on a trip.

Faith said...

"Oh crud, I forgot to plan supper..." is typically what comes to mind when I'm rushing to get something done. That, and "if I just had another coffee, I bet I could do this even *faster*..."

As I prepared for the conference - registering my business, creating business cards & a one-sheet, etc - what kept popping into my mind was: "Why didn't I think about doing this a long time ago????"

LOL... go figure.