Tuesday, July 1, 2008

HAPPY CANADA DAY EVERYONE! Celebrating with a Giveaway!


I'm mixing up this weeks posts in celebration of Canada Day, and also due to the fact that my whole family is on holidays and I'm not very well organized because of that. Hope you all don't mind. I'll post the remaining two study notes on Debra Dixon's GMC: Goal, Motivation, and Conflict tomorrow and Thursday, and then on Friday, I'll be posting an informative interview featuring Debra Dixon herself. Be sure to check out what this amazing woman has to say on Friday.

In celebration of Canada Day, I went on a scavenger hunt in our home for things Canadian (Hubby's idea --thank you, Dear!) To start the hunt off, I went into my wallet and one of my daughters to find these colourful (I'm ignoring the spell check here, and keeping it the Canadian spelling in honour of today) Canadian bills, and of course I just had to add our bulky loonie and toonie to the mix to show off:

Okay, now that we have money to spend, what do you suspect a good majority of Canadians spend their hard-earned money on?

Why, of course...on none other than our finest coffee available, the infamous Tim Horton's coffee. For those who aren't coffee connoisseurs, they also serve wonderful lunches, hot chocolates, iced caps, donuts, muffins, cookies, etc. There's something for everyone at Tim Hortons (and no I don't own the franchise, I just enjoy there offerings.)

Now what else did I find in my hunt, you might ask?

I opened my refrigerator door to discover our very own local Maple Syrup that we purchased from some old-order Mennonites at the side of the road with their horses grazing under a nearby maple tree. (Okay, you can breathe now. I know, that was a looong sentence.)

Opening the meat compartment in our cooler, I discovered we were stocked with Canadian back bacon for Canada's 141st birthday. And of course, we have many Canadian flags to show off (no, we don't keep flags in the refrigerator, we sent our youngest girl to go fetch this small one from her bedroom.) We have some larger flags saluting in the glorious Canadian wind from our flower beds and planters, too.

And for the grand find...since I'm a writer, I can call this the GRAND one. I found a brand spanking new copy of Finally a Family by Canadian author, Carolyne Aarsen, down in my office just waiting for me to offer it as a Giveaway. I'm not giving away the copy Carolyne signed at Write! Canada for me, though. You'll have to hunt Carolyne down yourself, if you want this one signed, should you win it. Sorry, guys.

Finally a Family by Carolyne Aarsen
Here's the back cover blurb:

"This is My Farm."

Arrogant Ethan Westerveld could scream that from the barn roof if he wanted. But half the place was now Hanna Kristoferson's. Not that she wanted one inch of the farm that reminded her of the only father she'd ever known--and his heartbreaking betrayal. Yet according to the terms of his will, she had to spend six months at Riverbend or forfeit the inheritance. Six months butting heads with too-handsome Ethan in order to make a quick sale and a new life far away? She'd do it. But Hanna didn't count on Ethan feeling like family...or that she'd want to stay forever.

Giveaway Information:

To be entered into the drawing to win Carolyne Aarsen's Finally a Family, enter a comment in this posting with your augmented e-mail address by Wednesday, July 9, 2008, 9:00 p.m. Eastern time. Good luck everyone and Happy Canada Day!
July 10th Update: The winner of a copy of Carolyne Aarsen's Finally a Family is Georgiana! Congratulations!

Blessings All, and Happy Canada Day!



Belinda said...

I can't believe I'm the first to post a comment!

I would love to read Caroline's book and I missed getting it at Write! Canada.

My email address: burstonp@rogers.com

Belinda said...

Whoops, that would be "Carolyne's" book, not Caroline's!

Joanna Mallory said...

Hi Eileen, would you enter me in the draw please? Carolyne's book sounds intriguing.

joannamallory [insert sign here] eastlink.ca

Thanks for the Canadian visual trivia. And for the record, Tim's makes a mighty fine cup of steeped tea. And Ice Capp's, can't forget them. And chili. Now I'm hungry.

CherryBlossomMJ said...

Thank you for this post. I have been to Canada, twice and loved both times. I do think one day I might live there (if I get my way). *sigh* I must go back soon... Please enter me. cherryblossommj (at) gmail [dot]com

Lily Whalen said...

I enjoy my Timmie's as much as the next Canadian! How about some Canada grade A beef for the scavenger hunt, too - preferably organic, since I hear that no organically raised cows have ever contracted "mad cow" disease!

Would love to read the book, so here's my e-mail addy: sb424(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Georgiana Daniels said...

Happy Canada Day! Gotta love that maple syrup =)

georgiana dot daniels at gmail dot com.

Cheryl said...

I would love to win a copy of this book. It sounds great. Please enter me in the drawing. My email address is shryackmom[@]charter[.]net

windycindy said...

Happy Canada Day! Thanks for a fun contest. Please enter me in your drawing. I really appreciate it!
Many thanks, Cindi

Anonymous said...

I would love to get entered in the drawing and win the book. Sounds like a good book.


Kimberley Payne said...


What fun! I enjoyed the visual presentation of all Canadian content...it's inspired me to do the same and host a treasure hunt for my kids next year.

I've read one book of Carolyne's and loved it! And after meeting her at Write! Canada I'd love to get reading more. Please enter me in the contest withinreach (at) nexicom.net

Kimberley Payne

Anonymous said...


After meeting Carolyne at conference, I would love to read one of her books. Please add me to the draw.

How about b for beaver for your Canada collection. Perhaps they were busy building dams.

Carolyn Wilker

Anonymous said...

Hi Eileen,

Please enter me in the book draw. I loved hearing Carolyne's plenary message at Write! Canada and would love to read her new book.

This is a great week as we celebrate our great country! Wonderful idea having a Canada Day scavenger hunt.

Ann Brent

Pamela J said...

Reading about Canada brought back fond memories when we rode from Fairbanks, Alaska back to Colorado on our motorcycle in 2002. (We were helping some people move to Alaska and our motorcycle 'rode' their pickup while we pulled their car loaded down). The first thing we noticed inside the border going up, after the check point, was wildlife we'd never seen. That is just the beginning of our experiences and joy of traveling the great Canada.

I'd love to read the book, Finally a Family. It's amazing to me the insights the authors have about people when they write their stories. Could I visualize myself being 'stuck' on a farm just to be able to collect an inheritance without making my own connections?

Please enter me in your grand contest. Thanks.
cepjwms at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

If I don't win, this book is going on my "to be ordered" list. It sounds like a great book! I love the cover picture. I have a son named Ethan, so there are all kinds of reasons I seem to be drawn to this book.

Thanks for giving us this chance to win!

prairierose5811 [at] yahoo [dot]com

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your Canadian scavenger hunt! Please enter my name in your draw.


Ruth Snyder

Anonymous said...

I'd love to read this book. I'll be in Canada at the end of the month for the MLS All Star game.


ChristyJan said...

Happy Canada Day! I just returned from vacation and we visited Butchart Gardens in B.C. ~ beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to win your book FINALLY FAMILY. It sounds wonderful. Happy Canada Day!! Oh, the delicious maple syrup. I'd love to visit Canada some day. reading this book will hopefully inspire me to start planning next year's vacation to Canada. Charlene Smith Here is my email address:

Theresa N. said...

Sounds like a good book I'd like to read.
Theresa N

Anonymous said...

Please enter me in drawing. I would love to read this book.


Cherie J said...

Please enter me in the drawing. Thank you!


Cheryl said...

I would love to win a copy of this book. Please enter me in the drawing. My email address is shryackmom[@]charter[.]net

Ausjenny said...

love the post and the spelling its so annoying when a spell check tells us things like colour are wrong.
Love the colourful money too. we also have it but different of course and no braille in the corner.
Please enter me if aussies can enter.

Eileen Astels Watson said...

Glad you all stopped by and good luck to everyone!

And, of course Aussie's can enter, Ausjenny, in fact, I just sent a book off to one of my crit partners who is an Australian. Have no idea how long it will take to travel to your part of the world, but I'll sure send it in that direction, should your name be drawn.



Eileen Astels Watson said...

Congratulations, Georgiana!

You won a copy of Carolyn Aarsen's Finally a Family.

Thanks for playing, everyone! And good luck with the next drawings you all enter.