Sunday, June 1, 2008

Winner of May's CATY Giveaway and June's CATY Announced

We have a winner for May's CATY Giveaway of a $15.00 (Canadian funds, transferable) Starbucks card. Remember, CATY stands for Commenter Appreciation Thank You.

My youngest daughter drew one of Cindi's entries from a total of seventy possible ballots. Congratulations, Cindi, I hope you enjoy a visit or two to Starbucks on me.

I was amazed to discover that I had such a great number of comments entered during the month of May--Thank you all very much for supporting my blog! Since I've only been operating this blog for less than three months, I think that's a pretty cool number of participants.

For the month of June, I will again offer a $15.00 (Canadian funds, transferable) Starbucks Card as my CATY Giveaway. So comment as often as you like in whatever posting you like for a ballot to be entered into the drawing. The more ballots you get, the greater the chance you have to win.




Toystory said...

Hubby loves Starbucks, but how about giving away one of your books....oohhhh I would love that!

Eileen Astels Watson said...

LOL. I would love nothing more than to give away one of my books, but the problem is that I'm a writer, not yet a published author.

Just for this comment, though, if you're still checking in on this site when I do get one of my stories published (how's that for positive thinking?), remind me of this promise: I will send you one of my very first copies as a gift for making my day today.

Toystory, how did you find out about my blog? I'm curious.

Thanks for making my day. Good luck with winning the Starbucks card!