Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Managing Blogging

I love blog hopping, but with me it's a problem. Once I get started, there's an inner force that refuses to let me stop. And that force can eat up precious hours that ought to be shared with novel writing. Anyone else have this issue?

I imagine I'm not alone.

So, since writing is a responsibility I take seriously, and blogging is something I can't totally give up (I miss you all immensely), I'm drafting me up some guidelines, errrr, rules (even though rules are meant to be broken in my non-conforming world).

1. Novel writing comes first before I even dare to hop on over to any one's blog, including my own.

2. Keep my own blog posts as short as possible. I've long admired Jessica Nelson for her short and telling posts--so want to be like her! :)

3. Don't hate myself if I can't get back to my faithful commenters within 24 hours. I will get back to you either through a follow-up comment, or email, or visit to your blog, it just may take me a while, on occassion.

Does anyone have any other guidelines or rules that they follow to help them fit it all in? Would love to hear them, if so.

I hope everyone planning to attend the ACFW Conference in September is doing all they can to polish their chosen story(ies). The crunch is on. May the Good Lord guide each of us to write to His glory! And I'm so looking forward to visiting with you all in St. Louis!

Blessings prayed for you all and I do hope your humidex isn't as high as ours!

Surrendering to Him,



Katie Ganshert said...

I need to make better guidelines. In fact, this is a great reminder to regroup and get more disciplined altogether! Thanks, Eileen!

Jessica R. Patch said...

Good guidelines! I try to read my blogs early in the morning, but I find myself sucked in all throughout the day. There's just so much good stuff out there!

I need to buckle down too. :)

Jessica Nelson said...

Oh yes, I def. get sucked in. One day a week has worked really well for me. I allow myself as much of Wed. as I need to read blogs and stuff, but barely check in the rest of the week. Your guidelines sound great! And thank you for the sweet shout-out. Sometimes I think mine may be too short. Eek!

Erica Vetsch said...

I encountered this yesterday when I sat down to write. I checked email, then checked blogs, and before I know it, I'd lost an hour.

I try to keep my blog reading to just those in my blogroll.

And I agree with you. I've long admired Jessica Nelson's ability to pack a bunch into a short blog post.

Loree Huebner said...

ha! Don't look at me for guidelines. I'm hopping right now and cannot stop.

I've already lost 45 minutes checking stuff. (but loving every minute of it)

Love the post, You hit the nail on the true.

Back down the black hole of blogs I go....byeeeeeeee!

Sarah Forgrave said...

Oh yes, I definitely struggle with this! I've been trying to save my blog visits for times when I can multitask. Like right now, my son is at day camp, my daughter is napping, and I'm reading your blog while I eat lunch. Most of the other blogs will get visited while I unwind in front of the TV tonight.

Britt Mitchell said...

I have a hard time keeping up with my blog, which I also understand is a big no-no. So you're addicted...and I'm afflicted! I think you have some good rules, by-the-way.

quietspirit said...

I TRY to do work before I blog,or email. I am awaiting the beginning of an online class, so I have altered my plan. Yes, it is a problem for me.

Keli Gwyn said...

Eileen, I empathize. Finding time to write, blog, visit blogs, tweet, respond to email, etc. is a challenge. I'm still in search of that seemingly elusive solution. If you find it, please let me know. =)

Susan Anne Mason said...

I've got the same problem, Eileen. I go into withdrawal if I haven't been on my computer for a couple of days. I think we need a new term "blogaholic"!


Susan said...

Funny you should write about this. The same theme popped up on Faith Boughan's blog ( as well, and she refers to another blogger's post on the same subject! I commented on Faith's post, so you can check out my response there :D