Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Break from Writing?

My own little critique group, The Pearl Girls, are entering into discussion of when we should start and end our annual Christmas break from the submission rounds.

Other writers, do you do the same?

You hear over and over again that you should write every single day if you want to succeed in this craft. Do you REALLY write every single day? And I'm not talking, making a grocery list, typing in a letter, writing cheques for the latest bill that's due, etc.

Do you write something "writerly" or "crafty" every single day? That's what I'm talking about.

When you take breaks from rounds of critiquing, do you still work on your own stories every day?

I confess, I don't. Though I love to work on my stories, family takes precedence, and Christmas is one time of year that consistently calls me from my stories. Oh, I dabble here and there when a quiet moment presents itself, but I keep no writing timetable, schedule, or agenda during the few weeks before Christmas and the week and a bit after New Years. Once the girls are back at the grind, in school, then my scheduling begins once more.

How do you balance writing and Christmas?



23 days left in this year until the main celebration our Saviour's birth.
Merry Christmas to all!!

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Georgiana said...

That's good to focus on family during Christmas. I usually barrel through (somewhat) but this year I'll be finished in time to put the writing aside for a few weeks guilt free!