Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Book Review of Brandilyn Collins Crimson Eve

Crimson Eve (Kanner Lake Series #3)
by Brandilyn Collins
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Reviewed by my wonderful hubby, Phil.

Real Estate Agent, Carla Radling is showing a hard-to-sell house to what looks to be a promising client. Little does Carla know that the client is actually a hit man sent to kill her. Elsewhere, Tanya Evans is confronted in her home by an intruder who has a dire warning to deliver. Both story lines grip the reader, and give the book a jump start.

The book starts off fast and continues at a good pace. It alternates well between two initial story lines and gradually brings in flashbacks to the past to provide more depth to the story. I liked the fact that the chapters were relatively short, so one could easily follow the story line and did not have to read large amounts to find out what happens next. Crimson Eve's short crisp chapters and well-defined characters ensure that the plot keeps moving.

I am a big fan of series which have recurring characters in them, especially if the author stays true to the character and does not start making them larger than life. As a result , I really liked the 3rd book of Brandilyn Collins Kanner Lake Series. (We don’t have the first two...yet.) The series’ ensemble cast is introduced throughout the story and the characters are well described throughout, which allows the story to flow well and avoids the complications associated with having many characters in a book. I had no problem following this story without having read the initial two in the series. The characters’ personalities remain true throughout the book, and gives the sense of family that some small communities represent.

After reading Brandilyn Collin's Crimson Eve, I have purchased book #4 in the series called Amber Morn. I am looking forward to getting to know some of the characters better, and see if this next book in the series is as good as the third.

Overall a very good read for those who like fast moving thrillers with lots of action and intrigue.

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